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Acero - Major Hector P. Garcia M.D. High School

Financial Literacy Club » Financial Literacy Club

Financial Literacy Club

Financial Literacy Club meets after school every Tuesday and Thursday. Currently club members have been learning about banking basics. This includes how to write checks and deposit tickets, balancing a checkbook ledger, different types of saving accounts, as well as the difference between simple and compound interest. We will be covering a wide variety of other financial literacy concerns as the year progresses. These include budgeting, debt, insurance, taxes, investing and real estate. 

As a side note, I taught this material along with micro and macroeconomics for six years at my previous school-Urban Prep West. This knowledge came from 20-plus years in the financial sector, primarily on the exchange floor at the Chicago Board of Trade. Moreover, I hold a B.S. in Finance from Marquette University. 
For more information, contact Rick Youngfelt